The world has successfully decoded the human genome. Yet, every year more than 9 million children die mostly from preventable and treatable causes. 40% of the children in India are malnourished. More than half a million mothers die each year due to pregnancy related more 

The world still has nearly a billion illiterates- two thirds of them are women. To reach UNESCO's goal of globally accessible, quality education by 2030, 68.8 million more teachers are more

The world spends more than $1.5 trillion on military expenditures. This is about 2.7% of the global GDP or about $225 for every person in the world.
By comparison, The United Nations that was set up to preserve peace through international cooperation has a budget of $30 billion more

Advances in technology are breathtaking. Even more exhilarating is the pace of technological change.

It is reasonable to assume that new frontiers will be crossed sooner, rather than more


In the world today, half the world has less than 1% of global wealth. Life expectancy averages 70 years for the world but is only 48 years in more