Lecture Series

The World Harmony Online lecture /seminar program is intended to inform and mobilize people as global citizens into serving humanity. The program will focus on ten core areas:

• Managing Technology to advance humanity
• Advancing Human Well-being-Human Rights, Civil Society
• Advancing Human Well-being -Health Care
• Education as a fundamental human right
• Environment and Sustainability
• Study and Promotion of Personal and Entrepreneurial Ethics
• Efficient Resource Sharing - Food, Water and Energy
• Access to Capital- Micro Finance
• Promotion of Religious Tolerance
  - Focus on core values of all faiths, Interfaith dialogue
• Pursuing Peace and Security
  - Global Conflict Resolution and Ethics

Each series will be delivered by distinguished citizens in a lecture or symposium format. The Lecture/Seminar series will be available online in multimedia form. Each series will start with a quantification of the core issue. This will be followed with case study or studies high lighting issues in the core area. The third part of the series will focus on how these issues can be resolved using the core values of World Harmony Online. Finally the series will propose innovative programs that resolve these issues.

Once all ten Lecture/Seminars are available on the World Harmony Online website, people will be able to view them .Viewers will be able to take a quiz and have an opportunity to be certified as a World Harmony Online Associate.