About Us

About Us

Core Values that can Heal the World

We can send a man to the moon and return him; we can decode the human genome.
We can put all the written information in the world on a microchip and yet half the world has less than 1% of the wealth.

We can search the solar system for signs of life yet more than 1 million children die each year due to malnutrition.

We have produced the greatest advances in technology yet there are 1 billion illiterates-two thirds of whom are women.

We talk about peace and yet we have weapons that can destroy all of man kind many times over.

How did we get here? Could it be because we have allowed self interest, corporate interest and national interest to trump human interest? Can we build humanity without looking after human interest?

We can change our world for the better if we speak a new language and develop a new vocabulary. But we can not do so by expecting other people to change and not ask the same of ourselves.

The path to world harmony goes through each one of us. We need to ask ourselves…

  • Do we give to others what we want for ourselves?
  • Do we speak the truth?
  • Do we make decisions based on principle?
  • Are we fair and just in all our thoughts and actions?

World Harmony Online’s mission is to create this awareness in as many people as possible and to organize a grass root movement of people that are bound by common decency and a shared love for humanity.

An aware and motivated global citizenry will itself not ensure world harmony. The world needs innovative ways to deal with its challenges. World harmony Online’s mission is to be a repository and resource for innovative solutions for the issues that the world faces so that we can create a non violent and equitable world with access to Education, Health, Equity and Technology for all.