We are a repository and resource for innovative solutions for the issues that the world faces so that we can create a non violent and equitable world with access to Education, Health Care and Technology for all.


The World Harmony Online lectures program informs and mobilizes people as global citizens into serving
humanity. The program focuses on ten core areas:

• Managing Technology to advance humanity
• Advancing Human Well-being-Human Rights, Civil Society
• Advancing Human Well-being -Health Care
• Education as a fundamental human right
• Environment and Sustainability
• Study and Promotion of Personal and Entrepreneurial Ethics
• Efficient Resource Sharing – Food, Water and Energy
• Access to Capital- Micro Finance
• Promotion of Religious Tolerance
• Pursuing Peace and Security and Global Conflict Resolution.

Each series will be delivered by distinguished citizens in a lecture or symposium format. Most of the speakers are Nobel laureates These Lectures are available online in multimedia form. The lectures focus on how issues can be resolved using the World Harmony Online pledge.

Role of Women in promoting Peace and Democracy
Shirin Ebadi Nobel Peace Prize winner

Technology Promise Humanity’s Future
Ahmed Zewail Nobel Prize winner

An Evening with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Tawakol Karman

Islam and Religious Pluralism
Prof John Espossito


Education involves the delivery to students (target) by teachers of content at locations (schools). Today the delivery of education is hampered by the lack of teachers, schools and relevant content. How can we deliver the most relevant kind of education in the most cost-effective way to everyone?

Technology and vision open up infinite possibilities. Media organizations beam commercial entertainment to all corners of the globe by satellite. Why can’t we deliver education in the same way? Traditionally the cost of delivery of 12 channels of programming can be prohibitive. Recent advances in video compression technologies allow one to compress twelve education channels in one commercial satellite video channel.

Similarly recent advances in E Books, YouTube Videos, WebEx conferences and the like have created readily available content without having to acquire a billion books. Such content can be delivered without requiring a hundred million teachers. We are not proposing that books and teachers be eliminated. World Harmony Online would like to propose ways to cover the current shortfall of books, teachers and schools in the most cost effective manner. Content would be limited to Math, Science, English, Entrepreneurship, Geography and Core Values. There will be no religious instruction or political indoctrination. Content will be the same all over the world and produced by a global team of educators with impeccable credentials. Where appropriate the content will be delivered in the local language.

The equipment required per viewing center should be less than $400. The content will be broadcast between 8 am and 2 pm and repeated between 2pm and 8 pm. This will leave the satellite channel available for primetime use by the media organizations. Content can also be viewed at home. Weekend review classes will be available so that parents can work with their children

Viewing centers will be sponsored in local communities. Volunteers will provide supplemental help. A Volunteer channel will educate the volunteers on techniques and methods. Supplementary DVDs of instructions can also be used as an even more cost effective way to deliver content.


Traditional education focuses on science, mathematics, social studies and languages. Such forms of education need to be complemented with experience-centric learning. Traditional education rarely focuses on ethics and values, and certainly there are very few institutionalized ethics and core value courses.

The World Harmony Online Mentoring program is intended to bridge that gap. The initial focus of the program will be universities and colleges

Qualified Mentors who are accomplished professionals and who are committed to living the World Harmony Online pledge will be matched with interested students who have a desire to follow the professional in a similar field. The matching will be done through the World Harmony Online social networking efforts. The projected goal is for an improved career counseling superior to those offered by universities and colleges today. It is also hoped that chapters of the World Harmony Online Mentoring Programs could be set up in all the colleges and universities in the world.

An Elite program will allow up to one person per year to be mentored by each of World Harmony Nobel Laureates.